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Loveland Chocolate

Loveland Chocolate offers luxurious, premium chocolate imported directly from Ecuador and made right here in the Artisan's Kitchen. With exciting new flavors and constant culinary innovations, you never know what Nick and the gang are gonna whip up next. So if you're in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by and try some of the city's best chocolate 

Happy Lucky's Teahouse

For the past decade Happy Lucky's Teahouse has been providing all of Colorado with tea of the highest quality. George and Kari are true masters of their craft, and whether you've never had a cup in your life, or you're a true tea aficionado, they've got a blend for you. Happy Lucky's Teahouse is here to help you nourish your happy.

Suzi's Soul Food Bakery

Feed your soul at Suzi's Soul Food Bakery! Suzi makes some of the tastiest treats in town, from freshly baked banana bread to her delicious petite pies. Whether you're looking for a quick late breakfast, or craving a little mid afternoon pick me up, just follow your nose to Artisan's Kitchen where you'll find Suzi hard at work, doing what she loves. 

Roasted Sugar

Everyone loves baked goods! But not everyone can always enjoy them due to gluten intolerances. That was at least until Corey showed up in the kitchen, and now the gluten free baker has given everyone the chance to enjoy his delicious treats. This culinary superhero makes cakes and other pastries so good that you'll be questioning why gluten was even invented in the first place! There's always something new coming out of Corey's kitchen so come on in and check out his latest goodies!

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Bee Squared Apiaries

When your food is made with passion, you can taste the difference. And for Beth of Bee Squared Apiaries, passion is certainly not in short supply. A self proclaimed "buggy", Beth true is an expert in her craft. It began with a simple fascination and love of bees, and 20 years later she is still in the Beekeeping biz. Whether it's candles, combs, or her specialty honey flavors, come check out Bee Squared Apiaries and see what all the buzz is about! 

Beth's Artisan Herbs

As any good chef will tell you it's the little things that matter. So if you're looking to take you culinary skills to the next level, then Beth's Artisan Herbs might be your missing ingredient. Whether you need the finishing touch on your signature pasta, or a little something to cover for your burnt lasagna, Beth's herbs are air dried and primed to release maximum flavor. 


Mrs. Glover's Goods

Native Americans and Herbalists have long touted the benefits of the amazing elderberry. It's been proven to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and much, much more. And now, Mrs. Glover has turned this superfood into a delicious syrup! Just one spoonful a day is enough to keep the doctor away!

Life's a Buch

Few things are more important than a healthy gut. But unfortunately it's a lot more fun to grow your gut than take care of it. That is if you're not drinking this delicious, probiotic-rich kombucha from Life's A Buch. Chalk full of antioxidants, enzymes, and other gut-aiding-essentials, this tasty beverage clocks in at only 6 grams of sugar! So stop in and support one of Fort Collins' own, your gut will thank us later. 

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The Oil Barn

Have you heard about the numerous health benefits of cooking with safflower oil? The Oil Barn has. The Oil Barn is a small operation located in the Little Thompson River valley in Berthoud that produces some of the healthiest, most sustainable cooking oil known to man. And as demand continues to grow, they wish to build their own processing facility, and contract our own farmers right here in Colorado.  

Pottery Rat

Pottery Rat Ceramics is pleased to offer handmade one of a kind ceramic products. As they put it, they offer "functional ceramics with a country feel". Functional pieces include small bowls, plates and mugs, with new products coming in the near future…  The size, shape and feel as well as the functionality of the pieces are of particular importance.  These pieces are made to order from a dark stoneware clay.


Patter Bar

Why settle when you can have the real thing? That's the question that launched the idea for Patterbar. Patterbar is a family-owned and operated Denver-based company that is obsessed with good food. Good food meaning food that tastes amazing, while also being chalk full of healthy, natural ingredients. Thanks to an extraordinary local Colorado reception at the 2017 Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market, and the 2018 South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market, Patterbar has found its way into the hearts and homes of real, whole food lovers everywhere.

Wild Zora Foods

Zora Tabin, Founder of Wild Zora Foods, grew up abroad and with a much greater understanding of food. When it was time to learn to cook, Zora was taught to walk out to the garden, gather the ingredients needed for your meal and begin prepping. There was no concept of running to the store to grab something quickly, it was all home-made, start to finish. After coming to America and realizing even our "healthy" snacks weren't really healthy, she saw a problem she knew she could solve.  In 2014 Zora introduced the bars to the public at the farmers market near her house, and the rest is history.


Smile Songs

Smile Songs founder Sharon Glassman is an introverted, Brooklyn, NY fashion writer turned Colorado designer and songwriter of cards and gifts that sing. Her lifetime of professional storytelling experience is reflected in the design of every product she creates, from adorable graphics to her own unique songs. Smile Songs’ sunny illustrations, inspiring words and endearing, original tunes are designed with love and care, to delight your senses. Celebrate your best self, and send a smile to the special people in your life. Powered by the art of kindness, our singing stationery shares the gift of happiness in a delightful, memorable way.

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